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기술 조명

 Core technology

Great light quality

 - High CRI (3200K 98Ra / 5600K 97Ra)

 - High TLCI (3200K TLCI 99 / 5600K TLCI 97)

 - Accurate color temperature
   (3200K±100K / 5600K±150K)

 - Minimal Green/Magenta

 - Minimize glare

 - Flicker free

Functional features

 - 3-way dimming curve
(Cube type, Root type, Linear type)

 - Fine dimming control possible with S/W setting

 - Compatible with various batteries     (12V~24V)

Mechanical reliability

 - Self-cooling System
   (No Fan / No Noise)

 - Excellent finish

 - Durable design


 - Redesign of the exterior design of lighting fixtures according to the usage environment

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