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콘크리트 벽

Made by DMLite in Korea

The Natural LED Lighting; Lumos

Strive to be close to natural light source

Lumos, the brand name of High Quality LED Lighting, was announced in 2008 by  DMLite Co. Ltd., the company is located at the heart of East Asia, S. Korea.  Lumos Series LED Lights are engineered to have the highest CRI, Minimal green cast, No Fan, No Noise, Excellent Uniformity, Color Accuracy, Superior Finish, Reduced Glare, Eco-Friendly & DMX Standard.  Lumos LED lights are suitable for Professional Film making and HD Video.  By focusing on quality and R&D, we strive to provide the highest quality LED Lighting for our customers. Engineering alone has no magic. Devices have no soul. It is inspiration that transforms mechanical and optical movement into touch of emotion. At Lumos, we start with inspiration.  A vision of the experience we want to create, the senses we want to see. From the hand of the engineer to your eyes which see the lighting, powerful emotion is poured into every detail. The intimacy of a cool and soft light. The satisfaction of an experience that exceeds every expectation.


Made By DMLite

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