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Hightech LED Lumos

Advanced Heat Managing Technology

DMLite has invested a lot of time and energy in R&D to produce the best LED lighting possible since the company was established. Lumos LED series don’t make any noise by fan. Unlike others, DMLite has applied for PTC(Patent Cooperation Treaty) for core technology like LED heating management.

Hardware Reliability

Lumos LED lights are designed with degital dimming technology and they are flicker-free. Illuminance and color temperature deviation are minimal when dimming, resulting in superior performance compared to  analog dimming technology. Lumos LED lights have standard DMX 512 for broadcasting capability and safe circuit design for studios, where long shooting times are required, and for portable (field) use.

Quality control & Environment testing

Lumos constantly strives to perfect production through quality and environment testing


Lumos  Panel Series


Lumos Fesnal Series

DMLite 01.jpg

Lumos RGBW Series


Lumos CYC Series

DMLite 09.jpg

Lumos Ceiling Light Series

CL Light.png
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