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The Natural LED Lighting

DMLite Co., Ltd.

Lumos, The Natural LED Lighting :

Lumos provided lighting for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW studios in the US, Lumos'also provided lighting for CBS and FOX's New York headquarters. Another good news is that America TV, a Peruvian TV station has built a large studio for the World Cup broadcast and installed all products, the Hawk series and the panel series in the studio.

​The R&D department of Lumos is filled with engineers who have gained their experience with companies such as Motorola, Samsung, and LG. These engineers apply high-tech methods into developing lighting units that will exceed your expectations

Beyond your Expectations


Virtural Studio

Lumos lights are excellent for Vitual studio and motion capture, because Lumos LED produces accurate color and the hightest CRI in the market


Broadcasting Companies in USA, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, Hongkong, Indonesia, Thailand and China chose Lumos LED Lighting for their HD studio and TV shows


Lumos makes strong presence in Film,  HD and 3D Motion picture productions.  Cinematographers and gaffers recommend Lumos for production purposes.

Made By DMLite

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